Previous projects

Captimise was founded in 2017 and we have been engaged in CCS projects since day one. We have acted as project lead, advisors on technical and logistical matters and giving cost estimates over the entire value chain. 

Stockhom Exergi 2017 - 2021

The project aim was to identify CCS technologies, compare them and optimize solutions for a BECCS value chain in order to enable full-scale plant operations by 2025 at Stockhom Exergi’s biomass fired CHP plant in Stockholm. Captimise first performed a capture technology screening study (internally funded and confidential) and a pre-feasibility as well as a logistic study leading up to a front-end engineering design tender process and actively participate in the present ongoing FEED study. Captimise has throughout the whole process acted as independent technical advisors as well as designed the BECCS research facility. Parts of the project has been co-founded by The Swedish Energy Agency. 

“Captimise contributed crucial knowledge and experience in the design of the research plant for the capture of biogenic CO2 from the combined heat and power plant KVV8 in Stockholm 2019, as well in the ongoing carbon capture research programs”

– Erik Dahlén, Research Manager, Stockholm Exergi

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Jämtkraft 2021

The project aim was to investigate the possibility to integrate a carbon capture unit at a biomass fired CHP plant in order to deliver carbon dioxide to jet fuel production (CCU). Captimise performed a carbon capture technology screening study to identify the most promising technologies as well as the associated cost of such installation.

”Captimise helped us identify the next steps to scale up our CCU project”

– Ylva Andersson, Project Manager, Jämtkraft

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Mälarenergi 2021

The purpose of the study was to investigate the feasibility of installing a full-scale carbon capture plant at a waste to energy as well as a biomass fired CHP plant (CCS/BECCS). Captimise performed a capture technology screening study and a logistic study with associated cost estimates for the entire value chain as part of the feasibility study. The project was half founded by the Swedish Energy Agency within the initiative of Industriklivet.

“Captimise´s experience and participation in Swedish projects gave us the opportunity for a rapid acquisition of knowledge about factors that affect our plant, the entire value chain for CCS and what we need to investigate and analyze in depth to realize CCS / BECCS at the CHP plant in Västerås”

– Marianne Allmyr, Energistrateg, MälarEnergi

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Växjö Energi 2020

The aim of the project was to investigate the feasibility of installing a full-scale carbon capture plant at a biomass fired CHP plant. Captimise performed heat and mass balance calculations for various capture technologies in order to enable objective comparisons. Captimise also acted as technical advisors for question regarding the entire BECCS value chain including carbon dioxide transportation and storage.

“Captimise is an expert of independent capture technology evaluations. Växjö Energi is very satisfied with the cooperation”

– Julia Ahlrot, Head of Strategy and Public Affairs, Växjö Energi AB

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