Demonstration Unit

About the Demonstration Unit

Once the most favourable capture technology is identified, Captimise deliver, install and commission a demonstration unit. We call our demonstration unit The Captimiser – as it helps our customers to optimise carbon capture.

Captimise will run the demonstration unit for as long as our customers wishes to use it and educate workers to operate it to prepare them for the full-scale version.

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Demonstrate Carbon Capture

Our demonstration unit is available for following carbon capture solvents:

  • Amine
  • Chilled Ammonia
  • Hot Potassium Carbonate

Possible Campaigns Objectives

The configuration is modified to meet the requirements of our customers chosen test campaigns. The list below gives some examples of campaign objectives:

  • Investigate degradation rate and products
  • Solvent blends
  • Catalysts and Accelerators
  • Demonstrate capture rate
  • Absorption/Desorption rates
  • Identify possible operational issues, for example foaming, clogging, deposits

Host Plant Connection

The demonstration unit consists of two 20ft containers and will be connected to the host plant. The unit requires access to:

  • Flue gas Inlet/Outlet
  • Electricity
  • Low-pressure steam
  • Cooling water
  • Pressurized air
  • Internet connection

Captimise helps our customers meet the requirements by offering following options which can be added for specific projects:

  • Lean Flash
  • Air Cooling
  • Low-pressure steam production
  • Additional flue gas cleaning
  • Pressurized air compressor

Contact us for inquires regarding our demonstration unit operations at

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