Screening study

The CCS Technology Screening Study

The capture of carbon dioxide from flue gas can be done through several different technologies. Our technology screening study compares these technologies to find the most suitable solution for our customers. We do this by using our unique database of system data, energy consumption and costs estimates which is based on updated data from the suppliers as well as our own experience from working with technology concepts including Amines, Chilled Ammonia, Hot Potassium Carbonate and Oxyfuel.

This way our customers get a completely technology independent answer to which solution is the most energy- and cost-efficient solution based on their own site-specific requirements.

Our Carbon Capture Technology Screening includes following deliverables (as a standard), and additional objectives can be included to customize the study to meet our customers own needs:

This could be a sensitivity analysis, specific cooling requirements or other design configurations based on plant constraints etc.

Step 1

Plant Specification

Agree upon plant specifications

The plant specification is agreed upon together with our customer and defines the main criteria of design and operation of a capture unit based on local site conditions. The plant specification includes balance of plant capacities i.e steam, electricity, cooling, district heating as well as flue gas properties.

A model that shows low carbon emissions.

Step 2

Heat and Mass balance calculations

Requirements such as cooling needs and steam input is established for each technology and configuration. We also estimate the net electricity output and recovery of waste energy which, when applicable, could be fed back to the district heating network.

A flow chart for minor carbon dioxide emissions.

Step 3

Cost Estimates

Capex and Opex estimates for each technology are delivered according to ACCE class 4-5 in level of detail. The screening results are presented in cost per ton of captured CO2 together with weighted KPIs to benchmark the technologies against each other.

If you want to learn more about our technology screening study do not hesitate to contact us on

A flow chart for minor carbon dioxide emissions.

We deliver

Technology Screening Report

We summarize the pros and cons related to each technology based on your plant specifications. Calculations of H&M, CAPEX, OPEX are visualized in the report for each technology and their possible integration solutions.

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