Energy from waste need needs CCS! Webinar with Stockholm Exergi!

May 6, 2022

people sitting on a couch

Energy from Waste plants (EfW) will need to cut their CO2 emissions. Captimise, in collaboration with KLIMPO, represented by Karolina Unger as the moderator, shown above, arranged a 2-hour streamed webinar on how CCS can enable EfW plants to tackle climate change. Captimise shared our long experience and expertise regarding planning for a full chain CCS scenario.

Also attending was a special guest, Erik Rylander from Stockholm Exergi, explaining how Stockholm Exergi will generate income through selling negative CO2 emissions so called “CRCs”. The webinar includes the following:

  • 5 ways to cut the cost of CCS
  • What is Carbon Capture and how is it done
  • Logistics – an important variable
  • The costs of Carbon Capture
  • Earn Money on Carbon Removal Credits
  • The UK Government Net Zero statements
  • Next Steps for your CCS Journey

Mail us please to get a link to the webinar.

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